Hello world! (Oh Please…)

Hello all! First blog. First post. I’m in no mood for the pressure of being profound or poetic so the following will have to do. June 1 is the start of my next life. No job. No home. Stuff in pods. Good stuff in car. Heading north to seek advise from Tom Sawyer then east for a few days with Abe. I don’t expect either to be very talkative so the real work of designing a new life will have to wait until Indy on or about June 5.  Smart sister there with equally smart husband. Must remember to listen.

More soon. I promise to add gadgets and toys to this thing.  Haven’t read the “How To” stuff yet. Still packing. Must remember drugs. Have to get through last three days of current job. Hate good-bys.  Then camping for a few days. CAMPING! WTHAIT! I haven’t camped in over 35 years. This could be bad or comical or just another good reason to remember all my drugs. Hope my doctor doesn’t read this.

 Honest…I really am going camping. Stay tuned.


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