Creating Empty Space

Packing is almost done. The intercession of some good friends got the heavy lifting done and the coffee mug collection packed on Saturday. I’ve lived in the same space for almost 16 years and it is disorienting to see blank walls and bare corners. Had forgotten they were there.

The pod people come on Thursday for my pods.  Will post a picture tomorrow. Anything left goes somewhere in the car or in the dumpster. Space is at a premium in both.  Hitting the road will happen sometime Friday morning. Look for the tentative itinerary tomorrow.


3 Responses to Creating Empty Space

  1. Steve Leete says:

    First of all, this is the second time today I’m posting a message with exactly this format. Guess this is the next big thing!

    John, too bad you aren’t bringing along David or Adam, our family Eagle Scouts, to help with the camping. I gather this is tent camping? Propane stove, or restaurants? Air mattress? Details, dude!

    Billy gets his Arrow of Light Wednesday, at the last Pack Meeting I lead as Cubmaster. Then, I’ll be camping this weekend with Billy, and we bridge him into Boy Scouts Saturday night.

  2. jtholste says:

    This road trip could definitely benefit from real time consultation with an Eagle Scout or two. A paramedic would be good too! The accomodation for this trip will be a mix of tents (Eddie Bauer sleeping gear and air mattress), cabins, funky B&B’s, couches, no-tell motels, and the Natalicchio summer estate. I might even show up on your doorstep!

    High Five to Billy (I still think of him as William)! Hope you both enjoy your camp out, Master Steve.

    BTW…I plan on making a stop in Petersburg KY to see a certain new “science museum.” I’ll be starting a thread on the topic and hope to hear from you.

  3. Iver Gandy says:

    Have you been to our travel clinic yet? Wouldn’t want you to “come down with any ailments” while out in the wild.

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