I woke up in Havana

“It’s a special edition of Today…” I clicked on the TV while I was making coffee in the Red Roof bathroom (my own stash, french press, french roast, hot pot. I came prepared with the real essentials!) and found the Today Show live from Havana, Cuba. Did Castro die? Did we finally wake up and liftthe silly embargo? No. Matt Lauer and company got in on letters of transit as “news” people. A lot of Americans were hanging about, apparently on medical reviewsor special missions. A few probably came in illegally from Canada, Mexico, or the rest of the world. Big fine for traveling to Cuba illegally: $250,000 fine and 10 years in prison. There was a couple from St. Louis in the crowd, duly interviewed by Matt, so they could announce that “they” were pregnant. Talk about irrefutable evidence of a crime! Could be a prison baby in the making here if these folks don’t have a good excuse.

I’m still in Springfield but headed for Indianapolis to spend a few days with my sister Mary, her husband David, and nieces Amy and Mandy. Mandy is all grown up and off at college so I’ll be enlisted into “Team Amy,” the touring theatrical, dancing, singing phenomenon that is my sister’s daughter. No beauty queen nonsense here. Serious song and dance and maybe, just maybe, some serious shot at the Great White Way. Amy is very talented and committed. I hope to get her to teach me how to dance while I’m there (To Dream the Impossible Dream…)

One more stop before I hit route 36 East for Decatur and on to Indy. The Illinois State Museum. They have amassed a major collection of animal and plant fossils from the ancient belly of North America. I definitely want to catch them before they become illegal. Now I promise to be balanced on this issue. Look for a special report from Petersburg, KY in a few weeks.


One Response to I woke up in Havana

  1. DianaN says:

    I enjoyed reading your posts, especailly the part about the camping and the storm. Good luck driving to Indiana, I think you should consider investing in a GPS device 🙂

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