Off to the Races

It’s summer time and the living has become too easy here in Indy. Moderate temperatures, bearable humidity, and breezy evenings out on the lake (Lake Geist to be exact).  It really is time to move on. I could get very addicted to taking a boat to dinner at a nice Italian place and watching the sky approach its longest day on the return trip. The sky stays a serene shade of blue gray almost to 10 PM (Indy is at the western edge of the eastern time zone and gets lots of extra daylight as compared to the east coast or even St. Louis).

I promised a few folks an extended tour preview so here’s the plan for the coming week. Packing up today (Monday) and hitting the road for Louisville before noon Tuesday. I’ll be checking into a KOA campground just north of Louisville in Clarksville, IN. I hope to hit the races at either Churchill or Louisville Downs along with a visit to the Louisville Slugger factory. Two nights in a “Kamping Kabin” should be a bit easier than putting up my trusty and weather tested tent. On Thursday I head out of Louisville along the Ohio River until I catch up with Petersburg, KY and the “Answers in Genisis (AiG) Creation Museum. From there it’s on to a little burb outside Cincinnati for two nights with the Hiltons (thank you AAA). Friday night I’ve snagged a field box seat for the Cincinnati Reds against the Texas Rangers at the new Baseball Park of America. I hope to actually complete a score card for this game…something I’ve never done.

After Cincy, a little more time along the Ohio River before I turn east for Charleston WV. I’ll probably just spend a night there before heading for (one) of my old hometowns…Pittsburgh. I’m looking forward to driving route 79 up through the Appalachains.


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