Hit It Dave!

Greetings from Clarksville, IN! Better know (?) as the “Sunnyside of Louisville.” I arrived here well ahead of schedule around 1:30 PM and got to check into my “mini-cabin” at the KOA park on Clarksville, do a little sightseeing, eat dinner on the waterfront, and scope out tomorrow’s main stops. I’ve already posted a few photos for those who want a preview of the Louisville experience and life in another river town.

I should explain the “Hit It Dave!” or “Hit it, Dave!” title and photo. My brother-in-law, Dave, married to the former Maid Mary, my sister, has found yet another career path for those kids in school who populated the A-V club. He is the maestro of sound and video for his church in Indy (who said Methodists aren’t hip?) and puts in special time for the kid and youth programs. I had the chance to see Team Dave (Dave, my step-niece Mandy, and niece Amy) in action last night at the kickoff event to VBS (for you pagans, that’s Vacation Bible School). Dave got his moniker a number of years ago from the youth staff and kids cueing him up with the call to action…”Hit it, Dave!” Yes, of course, but you really had to be there to get the giggle in the joke so to speak. A good show, by the way. I’m pleased that some “mainline” religious fellowships are keeping up with the evangelical and/or fundamentalist churchs when it comes to youth indoctrination via entertainment and rocking music.

As always, visits to my sister’s home result in a long period of spiritual reflection on my part. I remain comfortable with my own stew of buddhism, mystical Catholicism, neo-pagan earth mother love, humanism, and scienticism. I do, however, have to praise the genuine and heartfelt nature of their practice along with the absence of judgementalism and “meanness” that marks so much of modern American hyper-proto-holier than-christianity. This is not to say that I wasn’t concerned with the tone of some of the indoctrinal techniques used with the younger folks. The “super spy on a mission from god” theme was a touch 1984 for my taste but the kids seemed to get the joke even if I didn’t giggle. That criticism aside, I’d trust “Hit It Dave” and his kids with the Constitution any day!

As for my “Kentucky Cabin…” It’s not much of a cabin and it’s not in Kentucky but close enough to each for blog work. The KOA “Kampin’ Kabin” is a little bigger than a rich kid’s doll house, has AC, electricity, and…FREE WI FI! It can even sleep 3 0r 4. The bathroom and shower, however, are past the gas pumps on the far side of the camp store.

I’ll have more to say on the Louisville riverfront tomorrow. It goes without saying that St. Louis has a long way to go before it can match the developments in places like Louisville, Cincinnati, or Pittsburgh. And Louisville even has it’s own fossil feature. The “Falls at the Ohio River” include hundreds of yards of dry river bed with thousands of fossil impression up to 400 million years old! Pictures and links tomorrow.


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