Home of the “Greatest.”

Greetings from Downtown Louisville KY and the home of Muhammad Ali. Quite possibly the greatest living sports legend, Ali definitely deserves the recognition. And this is no low-rent by-way on the frnge of town. It runs right through the heart of the City and connects the extensive Health and Sciences Center with the entertainment enclaves on 4th Street. And….there is free WIFI thanks to the City of Louisville. Sections of the downtown area are designated wireless “hotspots” to encourage economic development and attract the right kind of youthful, money-spending crowd.

Weather is warm but very comfortable. The buzz of activity in downtown is intense and I probably could sit outside of this Starbucks all morning but…the horses call from Churchill Downs!

Before I forget, I saw an interesting car window sticker last night on a VW Beetle; “Keep Louisville Weird.” I’ll have to check into that!

NB: My thanks to Guinness74 for catching both the “clip” in the narative and for explaining the origin and meaning of the sticker. See his comment below.


2 Responses to Home of the “Greatest.”

  1. guinness74 says:

    I believe you mean “Keep Louisville Weird”. That is our independent business slogan. It’s designed to maintain the variety and “weirdness” if you will of our fair city without the chain entertainment taking over the landscape.

  2. jtholste says:

    Many thanks for catching the “clip” in the text and for clarifying the sticker. You don’t look like the driver of the VW, however, but a great face just the same! Must be true of all true citizens of Louisville. Keep up the good fight. The town needs both the straight and tall as well as the bent and boistrous!

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