Another Dangerous Idea

Hey from Sharonville, Ohio, just north of Cincinnati off of route 75 North. I’m snug in a Hilton Garden Suites and thinking seriously of hiding until my trip to the ballpark tomorrow night. I have to confess that, while the drive from Louisville was pleasant and without mishap, the visit to the alleged “museum” of the Creation in Petersburg was very upsetting. In fact, I would have to say that the experience was frightening given the mix of religion, psuedo-science, and hidden politcal agenda that was so skillfully propogated to a fairly unquestioning group of visitors.

Seriously, I am so distressed by this experience that I really need to sort out my thoughts on all the issues before I try to construction a commentary. One thing I will say…do not dismiss these people. The developers of this edifice are committed to more than just presenting a “disrespected” religion/scientific belief in a more positive light. They mean to spread a doctrine of religious absolutism that labels EVERYONE who fails to see the god revealed truth of creation as perpretrators and facilitators of evil, drug addiction, sexual excess, nazism, socialism, gay everything, moral decay, child porn, disease epidemics, and religious tolerance (yes, religious diversity and tolerance is a very bad thing for these folks).

And death for all these unfortunate unbeliever may not be too severe a divine necessity. After all, god has done it before. The last time I felt this intense an emotional response was after a visit to the concentration camp at Dachua. There is something vile about this place nestled in the green farmlands of northern Kentucky. Something wicked this way comes. More tomorrow.


3 Responses to Another Dangerous Idea

  1. suzanne says:

    So, WHAT was in this so called ‘museum’??
    Can they really blame all these things on science when every one of these ‘evils’ existed in the world before scientific study?
    Some people just don’t like to THINK.

  2. jtholste says:

    I do believe that the developers of this “museum” are taking advantage of just that reality. Most people don’t think and certainly don’t think critically. That’s what makes this kind of fiendishly cleaver propoganda so dangerous. I’m still working on today’s blog entry on this experience and should be done before I need to leave for the Cincy Zoo and the ballpark.

  3. Nicola Evans says:

    Wow I read your report on the visit before I read this and it sounds much more sinister in your initial report. You deserve huge credit for giving a balanced view on your full report, in that they sound bonkers rather than dangerous.

    Very worrisome.


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