More Pictures and Tidbits

Howdy from Pittsburgh and the US Open! Just a quick post to direct you all to photos from Cincinnati. I splurged and got a field box seat behind home plate so…lots of pictures of the Great American Ball Park (sponsored by Great American of course) to justify the expense!

Also, a note on mileage. I broke 1,000 miles on Thursday at Route 71 and 275 south of Cincinnati on my way to the Creation Museum. I’m now at almost 1400. At some point I’ll do a calculation of final estimated mileage for this adventure or…maybe I’ll post the rest of the itinerary and hold a contest?

Monday morning note: Pittsburgh pictures on-line!


3 Responses to More Pictures and Tidbits

  1. Lori Watkins says:

    Happy Birthday John!!!

  2. Diana says:

    Is this true? Happy birthday then!

  3. jtholste says:

    It is indeed true and all birthday wishes are appreciated. I am very pleased to have reached 51. Moving on from WU to points not yet plotted but happily anticipated should add a few years to my alloted total. There has been a major increase in physical and emotional vitality over the past three weeks. That, of course, is balanced by some genuine sadness at leaving good people and good work. I must confess that I itch to keep moving. Next to Gettysburg, then to New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia. After that…perhaps a surprise ot two. I might just flip a coin as to right or left, north or south. We will see,

    Special thanks to Suzanne for loading up my Starbucks card. Fuel for the journey!

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