A Walk Down Memory Lane

It’s a rainy day in Pittsburgh and a good time time to catch up with this blog and some “employment search” activities. Please see the newest addition to the photo gallery for a walking tour of some of my memories from my years in Pittsburgh (between 1970 and 1974). I’m trying to make sentences out of the waves of recollections my physical touring summoned up yesterday.


One quick snippet concerns a former teacher, now Business Manager, from Central Catholic High School.  Harry Tuminello, social studies teacher and debate coach, just happened to be walking between administrative offices at the School when I climbed the entry stairs. Harry was a memorable man, both in appearance and manner, so my brain cells fired pretty quickly and I caught him in mid-step. We reminiced for about 15 minutes. Who went where. Who’s still alive (yeah, Pat Harrington!). Who’s not. Who’s in jail or should be. He is well. Married. Kids. Happy. Far younger looking that anyone his age has a right to be.

I had Harry for only a small number of coaching sessions. But one in particularly has stood the (cliche’ here) test of time. No real need for the details of the practice debate session except; I was a sophmore, we were gettng our butts kicked by the senior squad, and I elected to “morph” a piece of written evidence from what it really said into what I really needed it to say by leaving out an important conditional after the comma. The ruse was so inept that everybody caught it including Mr. Tuminello. I will not forget the verbal lashing I got for cheating (which is exactly what it was). To this day, any time I am tempted to “fudge” some data or budget projections to put a little extra polish on the apple I recall Harry’s admonitions. It truly is amazing the things that you recall or have a lasting impact on your life. My thanks to Harry for making me a better person in less than a minute.

Travel update tomorrow. I want to get to New York before the July holiday. And I need to get to New Jersey to conserve the cash. Looks like I’ll be meeting the road Thursday or Friday at the latest. I did have a very nice birthday celebration concocted by my two youngest sisters. It made making 51 even more enjoyable than it already is.


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