Medford Lakes, NJ June 2007

For all you picture junkies, selected photos from the secret retreat and Medford Lakes.

Hot, lazy day. Heat advisory and 95 degrees! For this I came to New Jersey?


2 Responses to Medford Lakes, NJ June 2007

  1. Nicola Evans says:

    This is the first time I have seen “my” cabin in the summer – how lovely it looks! Thanks for letting me see that!


  2. jtholste says:

    I’ll have pictures of the back yard soon. I can’t get into the shed to get tools out to address the weed incursion and shovel out the tons of needles back there! It is quite nice although all of these little houses are struggling with the heat wave. I had to add an extra tower fan to the master bedroom to get the cool air to circulate. There is hope that the heat will beak soon. I’ll be in NYC for the weekend and then back to the cabin to get on with the maintenance schedule. Maybe I should look for a job in Medford. I could always hang out my shingle as an ordained minister and “sermonize for money.” That used to be a noble profession 😉 I can do a pretty spiffy quicky wedding too (in case you and the surgeon might be interested).

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