Manhattan Part 1

Hello from Barclay Street in the Center of the Financial Universe…Lower Manhattan! It’s all fairly overwhelming and disorienting. The post-9/11 contruction boom dominates the landscape. I walked up to the WTC site from Battery Park and made it 3/4 of the way around Ground Zero. I gave in to tired legs and found a Starbucks to crash, reflect, and dump my camera. Unfortunately I had a “short” of some kind in my camera battery and had to let the camera cool down. My thanks to the nice gentleman at World Trade Photo for the diagnosis.  Photos from the first part of my water taxi tour, middle East Side to Battery Park are posted at:

I’ll catch up with the pictures on the way back. I’m probably going to shorten my taxi tour and head back to the South Street Seaport and then to 34th Street for a nice dinner at a local place. Going to save my strength for the Ameican Museum of Natural History tomorrow!


2 Responses to Manhattan Part 1

  1. Nicola Evans says:

    Love the pix! I always think I’m on a film set when I’m in NYC, all the views I have seen before so many times on film. And when I was there with Suzanne a couple of years ago in November and it was snowing, steam rising from the subway – well I expecting someone to yell “CUT – that’s a wrap!”



  2. Diana says:

    Does this really mean this is your first time in NY??? I am in shock! So did you go to Ellis Island on your water taxi? There are so many things to do there but I am sure you have it all figured out already. Enjoy the Nat History Museum – it is probably the most favorite museum for me, after the Guggenheim.

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