New York, New York!

Finally made it to New York! Arrived late Saturday after a great little BBQ in Maplewood NJ. A thirty minute train ride but me and my friend Judy in Penn Station and exiting into the crowd from Madison Square Garden. And, yes, I was a total rube; gawking skyward, tripping over people, saying “Wow” more than a dozen times to no one in particular. The true New Yorkers were either amused or indifferent to my sudden loss of “New York” virginity. I was taken with the orderliness of people lining up for cabs under the watchful eye of one of New York’s finest. One women did cut the line and grab a cab much to the chagrin of the crowd. Unfortunately the officer was busy helping to load a van with a group of New York Newbies. The gods of New York will probably subtract some serious cab karma points from this women!

 Spent Sunday recovering and enjoying the local sights of the NYU Medical Center and the central East Side. Judy’s faculty apartment is on the 15th floor facing the river. The view is stunning although marred by the recent construction of a new science research building which obscures the center part of the view. Some pictures will be posted shortly on the photo site with many more to follow today and tomorrow. I have some personal business this morning; negotiating prescription refills long distance for shipment via UPS. This could be interesting. Both my doc and my pharmacy told me last month “no problem” to this arrangement. We’ll see. I also plan on doing the “Hop On. Hop Off” tour of the Island by water taxi. Lots of opportunities for great pictures and venues. Hope to hit Battery Park, the WTC Memorial, Greenwich Village, and perhaps one other stop. I’m on my own as Judy has both clinic and the start of a new rotation of interns and student. I probably will not see her until tomorrow morning. She an amazing doc and makes Matha Stewart look aloppy with her hospitality.

Much more later. BTW…weather is outstanding. Sunny, warm, 78 degrees, moderate humidity. Hope this doesn’t make anyone feel bad.


3 Responses to New York, New York!

  1. Nicola Evans says:

    Oooh how thrilling! Yes I love NYC too. I can’t believe you were NYC virgin! I used to be like the NY natives in London, tripping over tourists as they stop completely without warning in the middle of the pavement to gaze up at the sights!

    Just about to check out the photos…


  2. suzanne says:

    John, I never realized you had NEVER been to NYC before! WOT?! It’s about time!
    It’s energizing and fun, isn’t it? Then it’s nice to get back to the cabin to the peace and quiet.
    Now you know why Nicola and I like to go there at least once a year. Right Nic? You’re running out of time this year…again!…


  3. jtholste says:

    I believe Lady Evans may have plans on the Iberian Pennisula that will keep her away from the New Jersey colony. Perhaps a fall visit? I hope to have the yards and trellis cleaned up along with a nice area in the back for a small BBQ pit for enjoying the cool October evenings. The way things are going with me I may still be here to shop and keep house for you!

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