A Late Night Update

Hot day in Medford Lakes and a hotter one tomorrow. Makes for nocturnal reading, writing, and (sadly) eating. Being healthy with a little hummus and pita break. I was finally able to track down a new memory card for the camera and salvage a few photos from NYC. Unfortunately about 25 shots were lost including some great ones of the Brooklyn Bridge. A good enough excuse to go back for another visit, I say! Those photos, of the Hayden Planetarium, a single selection from the celebrated Central Park, and a woman cooking was all that survived the battery flame up during my Water Taxi ride in NYC and are posted on the photo site. I suspect I am the culprit; opening and closing the camera lens to protect the lens from river spray overheated things a bit. I’ve learned my $19.95 lesson!

More travels upcoming: Beltsville Maryland and DC, southern Virginia and my brother’s tree farm, and quick visits to Baltimore and Richmond over the next week. Am looking forward to seeing friends in Beltsville. He (Steve) works for NASA and she (Kathryn) is a physical therapist and my goddess daughter’s god mother. Will try to interest Steve in working on an educational grant to design a secondary education course to specifically teach evolution as a science elective rather than just as a part of a biology class (where, surprisingly, it gets low billing and is often muddled and mis-handled). Another possibility is to design in school “science academies” in climate change and space exploration. Might try to interest that famous astronomer, Jeremy Perkins, in a bit of that project!

I promise more pictures (and a little less politics) during the coming week!

Editor’s Note: I stand corrected. Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathryn no longer live in Beltsville MD. They have moved up the real estate ladder and now reside in Silver Springs. Seems they slipped out of town a few years back. This, of course, explains why my Xmas cards to them have been returned the last two years! Time to update the address book.


2 Responses to A Late Night Update

  1. suzanne says:

    Hey, just so you don’t get lost on your travels (which I know you’re wont to do…) Kathryn and Steve actually live in Silver Spring MD now…right next to the Beltway. Make sure you get directions! They moved a few years back.


  2. jtholste says:

    I must confess…Suzanne speaks the truth. I am famous for some of my “navigational errors and malfunctions.” I’ve even admitted to one or two in these entries. My daytime navigation skills, especially when the sun is up, are tolerable. But give me gloom or nightfall and all sense of North goes South and I become the one bird flying against the flock. I’ll leave it to others to make the allegory out of this tendency for me regarding the rest of my life. Trust me, it’s there somewhere!

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