How’d He Get There?

Sorry for the brief absence. Last I wrote I promised to make good on the title of the last post on colonialism in America. Well, that’s needs to wait as I catch everyone up on my whereabouts and destinations (as of 12:16 PM on Thursday, August 2, 2007).

I’m in a Starbucks in Little Rock, Arkansas (9th and Broadwa) after spending a night in a surprisingly quiet Best Western in West Memphis, AR. I’ll be spending tonight in Texarkana (TX/AK/LA) on pace for arriving in Sugar Land, TX before nightfall Friday. It’s been quite a run. Unlike the leisurely travels of the past two months I now find myself in need of dry land and safe harbor in order to get in with the job search and scheduling of some much needed (non-emergency) medical procedures. Since June 1 when I left St. Louis I’ve put over 5,000 miles on my car, been in 22 cities in 12 states and the District of Columbia. Along the way I’ve seen every member of my immediate family in less than 60 days (quite an accomplishment as I normally see my sibs on a bi-annual or “big” event basis (wedding, funeral, trials and sentencing..), rekindled my love for real pizza and Philly Cheese Steaks (‘wit onions and sweet peppers) while still losing 15 pounds, and said farewell to my favorite doc (Micki Klearman) who is headed off to discover the cure for arthritis and other ailments. Lots of pictures, some charming people, some jerks, many bad drivers, long stretchs of road, a night in a tent in a raging thunderstorm, a rainbow, more history than I can digest, and the smiles of half a dozen beautiful children (saving the best for last).

I do promise to fill in the gap as soon as possible. I’m charging the camera as I write so I can get a few good pictures of Little Rock. So many important places. Not sure where to start. Then a brief stop in Hope, AR to see the home of our last properly elected and competent President. There’s a bed in a Motel 6 with my name, hopefully, on it in Texarkana. I’ll probably not sleep well as I’m anxious to get to Texas so I can start my next life. I do suspect, however, that I’ll take just a bit more play time before I let my tires cool, post off dozens of resumes, and submit to the surgeon’s knife (back problem that has exhausted both my options and patience). I’m hoping for one more run with my Texas Dude adopted nephew. Maybe Brownsville, possibly San Antonio. It’s going to be a challenge to sit still for awhile.

More soon. My thanks to Don, Marilyn, and Tiny for lunch on Tuesday in St. Louis. And major gratitude to my pesonnal hero, Larry, for the couch and the calm.


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