Not Dead Yet


This blog’s not dead yet although it is going through a bit of a re-evaluation as to focus. I’ve been snugly, and quite warmly, entrenched in Sugar Land TX for about a week now. The road trip, mile-wise, seems to have reached a hiatus but something tells me it’s not over yet. Texas may not even be the final stop but it certainly is a great place for recuperating from the road weariness of a week ago.

Houston deserves its own selection of photos and I’ll be about that later this week. The weather is a steady 98-100 degrees and a shade cooler than St. Louis. No rain for a week. The last showers here greeted my arrival on the Katy Freeway. This is something of a quandry to the locals as the rain load this year, especially during the last three months, has been extraordinary. Daily deluges followed by swimming humidity. The master of the house here had to turn on the watering system this morning to compensate. This should all change as soon as the mistress of the house returns in a week or so. She seems to bring the weather with her.

No arrangements yet for my back surgery. I need to attend to that on Monday. Am a bit reluctant to finally accept that reality. Easier to think about getting a job (not) than planning for the knife. Looks like it will be into September before I can get either the back or the job finalized. Maybe this is the time when I should start that novel I’ve always thought was in the cards for me. Probably not. I need to go now and make the weighty decision of the day…beef and broccoli or cashew chicken for dinner.


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