I guess it would be helpful to say a word about what this weblog is about…anything that comes to my mind really although there will be to much time spent on: pseudo-science, bogus or self-serving (or both) social engineering efforts, freedom of expression, travel as a vehicle for vocational definition (what do I want to do when I grow up?), scary political ideas, things I find funny (with no more justification than that), science fiction and the possibility of salvation suggested in science, an evolving sense of spirituality that includes a sneaky suspicion that consciousness might really be important in getting this “god-thing” to work right (eventually).

As for me…I’m a progressing (51) progressive with libertarian leanings (when all things are equal). Currently on sabbatical due to a disagreement over the importance of my job. Open to a career path that has a nice scenic view. Lots of travel notes in this blog interupted by whatever raises my ire or interest. And, yes, I’m not done with that Creation Museum in Kentucky.

I treasure NPR, long naps, painfree hours, kick-ass thunderstorms, people who are honest, passionate and not afraid of a good arguement, and Emmy and Luke.


July 2007


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